Man is the weapon, technique is the ammo…

Head instructor Jason Bircher is a Black Belt Second Degree in BJJ under Master Renato Tavares.  With more than eighteen years on the mat and a broad range of competitive experience, he has shown an unerring dedication to both the growth of the club and each individual member.

KCBJJ offers instruction and training with a broad depth of experience, including multiple Black Belts. These instructors include BJJ Black Belts Eddie Cosler, Dr. Jen Case, Carlos Dallis, and Josh Littleton. In addition, we offer Judo instruction from Black Belts Alisher Mantobetov, Niko Dax, and head Youth Judo instructor Brad Shelton. We also offer a youth wrestling program, coordinated by our own Brandon Hayes.

In addition to offering the longest running source in the area for regular BJJ Black Belt instruction, KCBJJ strives to bring in guest instructors to further our growth as a group.  Some of the instructors we have hosted in the past include Renato Tavares, Dustin Denes, Gustavo Dantas, Adriano Nasal Pereria, and Suyan Quieroz.  Our interest in the advancement of the infinite art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu drives us to continue the integration of technique and styles from accomplished instructors and competitors.